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Should You Order Your Wedding Dress Online? Why This Isn’t a Great Idea


Your wedding day is coming up and you’re thrilled. All the wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming, but you’re coping.

 The day finally arrives when you get to pick out the most important dress of your life – your wedding dress.

Should you order your dress online? Or would it be better to choose one from a bridal boutique?

Why Online Wedding Dress Shopping Is On the Rise

Online shopping is becoming more popular each year. It seems like just a couple years ago we were all so thrilled we could order a book or CD online.

Now, though, we can order just about anything we want.

Things have progressed so much we could all literally never leave the house. We can receive our education online, order groceries and have them delivered to our door, and even stream or rent DVDs with the click of a button.

Some people have even decided to order their wedding dress from an online bridal shop.

Why would someone choose to do this?

For the most part, a lot of people choose this option because online shops usually have a wide selection of dresses from a wide array of dress designers.

Another reason is because these shops sell dresses at a discount. While not every wedding dress online could be considered cheap, many of them are priced well below what you’ll find at a bridal boutique.

This makes online shopping option really enticing.

But is buying your dress online really worth it?

3 Reasons Why Your Wedding Dress Purchase Should Be In Person

The dress we choose to wear on the most important day of our life is one of the most important decisions we will make for our wedding day.

Dresses aren’t cheap – they’re a definite investment. But the right dress will be totally worth it.

The right dress – the dress that gives you goose bumps – will be the dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you get married.

Therefore, choosing the right dress is imperative. And the reason why it’s best to go to a specialty bridal boutique to shop for your wedding dress.

Here are three other reasons why shopping in person is preferable:

1. Brides Get the Best Fit in Person

One of the perks of buying a dress in person is most bridal shops have an in-house seamstress. These individuals are musicians with a needle, thread, and sewing machine.

If the dress is too long, too short, too loose, or too snug – the seamstress can be by a bride’s side in seconds, taking measurements and offering suggestions for the best fit.

An in-house seamstress can make the gown fit perfectly.  

While ordering online is hit or miss and most likely will not fit exactly how you want for your big day.

2. Fraud Can Be an Issue When Ordering Online

It’s sad but true – a lot of brides have been duped by online hustlers. They take a bride’s money and then send a dress which looks nothing like what was ordered.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, we don’t need to add disappointment about a dress on top of it.

The same can be said for bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses. Even prom dresses aren’t immune to online fraud.

We highly recommend saving yourself a lot of money and a lot of grief by going to a bridal boutique to handpick your wedding dress.

3. See What the Dress Looks Like Ahead of Time

Just because a dress looks great on a model doesn’t mean it’s going to look great on the rest of us. We all have different body shapes, sizes, and skin complexions.

What looks good on one person could potentially look unflattering on the next.

Trying on a dress in person allows us to see this right away. Yes, going dress shopping in person and trying on dress after dress will take time.

But delivery dates are much better than online and bridal shop owners decades of experience in sizing is invaluable.

In the long run, though, you could end up spending even more time shipping a dress back and trying to find another one to take its place.

With the personal contact and working directly with bridal shop owners, choosing the perfect dress is much easier in person.

Be Smart About One of the Most Important Decisions You’ll Make

We can all get easily caught up in the ease of online shopping. But when it comes to our wedding dress – the most important dress we’ll ever wear – we have to make the smart decision.

Avoid wasting time and money – and a lot of heartache – by choosing your perfect dress from a reputable bridal boutique.

Are you ready to choose the wedding dress of your dreams? Contact us today to find out more about our dresses or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to getting your ready for your special day.