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Shopping for a Wedding Dress? What to Expect at Your Appointment

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is finding the perfect wedding dress – the dress of your dreams.

This can also be one of the most anxiety inducing aspects of wedding planning. We’ve seen plenty of brides come into our bridal boutique full of anxiety and doubt because they’re worried they won’t find the perfect dress.

Knowing what to expect at a wedding dress appointment can help to ease a worried bride’s mind.


Your Wedding Dress Appointment – What to Expect

For anyone who has watched Say Yes to the Dress, it’s easy to see why the wedding dress appointment can conjure a bevy of emotions.

Brides want to find the perfect dress, they’re worried about what their friends think, and they’re concerned about the cost.

To ease their mind, here’s what brides can expect when they come into our bridal shop for a dress appointment.

1. The Best Time to Shop

Saturday may be the most convenient day for you to shop, but it’s also the most convenient for nearly everyone else, too. Wedding dress boutiques are notoriously busy on the weekends.

If you want to have some privacy, take your time looking for dresses, and have the full attention of the consultants, try scheduling an appointment during the week.

Your experience will be way less stressful with fewer people in the boutique.

2. Do Some Research

There are thousands of gowns to choose from with an array of fabrics and silhouettes.   Doing a little research ahead of time can really help.

This is especially true for those brides who have a hard time making up their mind and end up trying on tens (or even hundreds!) of dresses.

We recommend the bride takes some time figuring out what they like so the process of finding a wedding dress doesn’t become overwhelming.

We’d never want a bride to lose her joy.

3. Finding the Right Style

Dress shopping in general is an emotional experience. We want to look great in all of the dresses we try on.

When brides shop for a dress, emotions are running high and any insecurities they may have are heightened. Brides may become extremely disappointed when a dress doesn’t look good.

But again, this is usually more about style than anything.

Not everyone looks good in a sweetheart neckline or a beach-ready dress. That’s about the dress, not about the bride.

Be open to trying on a gown you didn’t think you’d like or want - you might be surprised!

4. Your Consultant Doesn’t Expect You to Love Every Dress

The number one thing a consultant wants from a bride is honesty.

Please believe us when we say we don’t expect every dress to be a hit with a bride. Really – we know this, and the more information a bride can offer us, the better able we will be to find their perfect dress.

The best way to provide us with that information is to be completely honest. Brides won’t hurt our feelings if they tell us they don’t like a dress.

Providing us with the reasons why a dress is not a hit will help us find the ideal dress.

5. You’ll Be Tempted to Buy a Smaller Size

A lot of brides are determined to reach their ideal weight/size by their wedding day. And they buy a dress based on this goal.

Believe us – if you want to save yourself a lot of stress – buy a dress which fits you right now. A bigger dress can always be altered to fit if you lose inches. But it’s not always easy to make a too-small dress work.

An added benefit – buying a dress which fits now and only needs a few simple alterations later can save you a lot of money.

The Most Important Thing to Remember When Shopping For Your Dress

What’s the number one thing we want every bride to remember when they come into our bridal boutique?

We want brides to remember the most important part of wedding dress shopping is to enjoy it!

This is the perfect time to unwind from all the planning and do something they will enjoy. The opportunity to shop for a wedding gown doesn’t come along every day.

Enjoy the experience, take some deep breaths, and have fun.

Are you going to need a wedding dress soon? Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We can put your mind at ease about your big day by helping you find the perfect wedding dress!